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From Crown to Base of The Methuselah Tree

Can you see where the top of the tree broke off?
New redwoods have pointy tops like this, and even though
this tree is almost 2,000 years old, it has a new crown.

This awesome tree has stood for almost 2,000 years, overlooking the ocean and the bay, Storms have come and blown off the crown, fires have burned the bark, bears have scratched their backs against the trunk, but the tree still stands, welcoming you!

In this site, you will find a story for each hundred years the tree has lived, both near the tree and around the world. You will also find photos of native animals and plants.

  • Tree Cave

    Tree Cave

  • Boy Sitting on a Burl

    Boy Sitting on a Burl

  • Morning Light Rays

    Morning Light Rays